Category: Corporate Identity

  • MSc MADE

    MSc MADE

    Identity for Master Track MSc MADE at AMS Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.. Bewaren

  • AMS Corporate Identity

    AMS Corporate Identity

    Logo for Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. The logo has 3 basic appearances, which are always either in black or white, boxed or unboxed in a series of selected coloursettings. The payoff ‘Advanced Metropolitan Solutions’ is integral part of the logo. 2013.

  • Solum Real Estate

    Solum Real Estate

    Solum Real Estate visual identity. 2007.

  • Inside Outside Petra Blaisse

    Inside Outside Petra Blaisse

    Logo for Petra Blaisse’s INSIDE OUTSIDE design firm. Dating already from the late 90ies, it doesn’t seem to grow old. Almost 20 years in operation. 1997.

  • Logo Burton Hamfelt

    Logo Burton Hamfelt

    Logo for BURTON HAMFELT. ©Graphic Language. 2016.

  • L+P Leniham Plasencia

    L+P Leniham Plasencia

    Logo for Leniham Plasencia.  

  • HUB architecture urbanism

    HUB architecture urbanism

    HUB architecture urbanism Corporate Identity. Dowsing Rod as the ultimate HUB symbol. Signal YELLOW for clarity and a subtile visual game with white and black.

  • Borneo Architecture Centre Amsterdam

    Borneo Architecture Centre Amsterdam

    Corporate Identity, visual branding of a neighborhood architecture visitor centre in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam. 2013.

  • SRA Identity

    SRA Identity

    Logo development for SRA Studio Rijs Architecten Amsterdam. 2014.

  • Stad-Film-Park CONCEPT

    Stad-Film-Park CONCEPT

    For a multifunctional building by Claus en Kaan Architecten a functionality ‘name-game’ was invented. This enabled us to devise a playfull BRANDING concept that would be materialized in an electronic façade for BRANDING and INFORMATION purposes. The 3-fold functionality of the building was stadsschouwburg (city theater), filmtheater (cinema) and parkeergarage (parking garage). Through a rotating […]