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  • schindlersalmerón Postcards

    schindlersalmerón Postcards

    schindlersalmerón Postcards for wide distribution directing traffic to the website. From where the schindlersalmerón catalogue can be downloaded. Bewaren Bewaren

  • AMS Corporate Identity

    AMS Corporate Identity

    Logo for Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. The logo has 3 basic appearances, which are always either in black or white, boxed or unboxed in a series of selected coloursettings. The payoff ‘Advanced Metropolitan Solutions’ is integral part of the logo. 2013.

  • schindlersalmerón Katalog

    schindlersalmerón Katalog

    SCHINDLERSAMERÓN is a furniture company operating out of Zürich, Switzerland. Since their foundation in 2006 they have operated a colour system as part of their identity branding. For their 2017 furniture catalogue we have translated this system into hand made folders with fabric beams to extend this ‘flag’ into the tangible realm. 2016.