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  • VR8 Tender Products

    Additional products for VR8 PPS TENDER BRANDING. Folder for Financial bid. 2014.

  • Central Fine Collection Agency

    After completion of Claus en Kaan’s CENTRAL FINE COLLECTION AGENCY building in Leeuwarden in 2013. A small edition book was printed for press and clients.  

  • Maison à Bordeaux

    A poem-like text by Rem Koolhaas is the basis of this short story about OMA’s Maison à Bordeaux. Made during construction, to glimpse ahead of completion. The design was an intentional ‘hommage’ to Bruce Mau’s SMLXL cover. So that this small book could function as an extra external chapter of that book.  

  • OMA’s ROTTERDAM building BOOK

    OMA’s first ROTTERDAM proposal document. 1999. A facsimile reproducttion of this book was made in an edition of 50 copies to hand out to the press for the opening ceremony of the building in 2012.

  • MetaCity DataTown

    Architecture CLASSIC from the late 90ies. MVRDV’s installation METACITY DATATOWN turned into a paperback GRAPHIC NOVEL. 1999. — “Paul Ouwerkerk is responsable for the books IMPRESSIVE LAYOUT”* “Für das EINDRUCKSVOLLE LAYOUT des Buches zeichnet Paul Ouwerkerk verantwortlich.”* *Neue Zuercher Zeitung (Samstag/Sonntag, 12./13.Juni 1999) METACITY/DATATOWN is based on the video installation of the same title produced […]

  • Engagement + Stedenbouw

    Book cover for Pi de Bruijn ENGAGEMENT + STEDENBOUW. 2006.

  • Teaching Tool

    This book, made for OMA’s 100% schematic design of Universal Building in 1997, nowadays functions as a teaching tool for classes given at the Architecture School, Akademie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam by Paul Ouwerkerk. The collage approach of treating the material still stands today, 20 years after the fact. Young students are inspired by the […]