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  • ‘Treasury/Schatkamer’ Signage and Typography

    ‘Treasury/Schatkamer’ Signage and Typography

    Signage and typography, labeling of exhibit objects, exhibition texts for OMA designed exhibition ‘TREASURY/SCHATKAMER’ at the Nederlands Architectuurinstituut (NAi). 2011.   

  • AMS Corporate Identity

    AMS Corporate Identity

    Logo for Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. The logo has 3 basic appearances, which are always either in black or white, boxed or unboxed in a series of selected coloursettings. The payoff ‘Advanced Metropolitan Solutions’ is integral part of the logo. 2013.

  • Ymere Strategy Book

    Ymere Strategy Book

    Every 5 years Ymere, Amsterdam’s largest Social Housing Corporation, updates it’s strategic vision document. This book portrays the current business strategy. 2016.

  • RIVM tender branding

    RIVM tender branding

    RIVM, Dutch centre for Disease Control new HQ tender branding. Winner. 2014.  

  • Code of El Houma

    Code of El Houma

    Annotations on the code of ‘El Houma’. A1 poster for Samia Henni’s presentation at Casablanca’s 2011 African Perspectives conference.

  • Ymere Strategy Icons

    Ymere Strategy Icons

    7 Icons to match Ymere’s 7 new strategies, operational until 2020.  Ymere is Amsterdam’s largest social housing corporation. 2015.

  • schindlersalmerón Katalog

    schindlersalmerón Katalog

    SCHINDLERSAMERÓN is a furniture company operating out of Zürich, Switzerland. Since their foundation in 2006 they have operated a colour system as part of their identity branding. For their 2017 furniture catalogue we have translated this system into hand made folders with fabric beams to extend this ‘flag’ into the tangible realm. 2016.

  • Cité Clime Exhibition

    Cité Clime Exhibition

    The Climatizer. MVRDV in Musée de Science in Paris. Branding and Signage. This project is dedicated to LYDIA INGLIS REDONDO from Sevilla, who worked extensively with us on the project and sadly died in 2011 after a prolongued struggle with cancer. She is well remembered for her commitment and for being a great person. The […]



    Branding and signage of the BK EXPO exhibition space at BK City, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft Technical University. Typeface: AMSTERDAM STENCIL ©Graphic Language. 2015.      

  • Educatorium Signage

    Educatorium Signage

    In close collaboration with Cristophe Cornubert of Office for Metropolitan Architecture a signage language was developed for OMA’s Educatorium building at Utrecht’s University Campus ‘de Uithof’. 1999.

  • Logo Burton Hamfelt

    Logo Burton Hamfelt

    Logo for BURTON HAMFELT. ©Graphic Language. 2016.

  • Stencil Bodoni

    Stencil Bodoni

    For the B30 TENDER we designed a STENCIL Bodoni typeface. This typeface played a significant part in the BRANDING of the project. With connotations to both the classics (Bodoni, Serif) and the moderns (Stencil, Corbusier) it rendered a strong but elegant style marking for the chapters and the covers of books and boxes. For Kaan […]

  • Paul Ouwerkerk’s Graphic Language

    Paul Ouwerkerk’s Graphic Language

    Graphic Language is a Strategic Design and Branding consultancy. We brand companies, project, products and buildings. Our expertise is grounded in Corporate Branding, (story telling) Presentation Design, Book Design, Info Graphics and Web Design. Paul Ouwerkerks Artworks can be found at www.paulouwerkerk.nl. For many years we have served Architectural offices (Rem Koolhaas’ OMA, MVRDV, Claus […]

  • Dutch Supreme Court Tender

    Dutch Supreme Court Tender

    Branding for PPS (Public Private Cooperation) TENDER for KAAN Architecten (former Claus en Kaan Architecten). Supreme Court of The Netherlands. 2012.

  • PPS Rechtbank Amsterdam legal documents

    PPS Rechtbank Amsterdam legal documents

    PPS Rechtbank Amsterdam project branding tenderdocuments. Folder for financial bid and legal documents. 2016.  

  • VR8 Tender Branding

    VR8 Tender Branding

    VR8 PPS TENDER BRANDING. Verbouwing Rijnstraat 8. Public Private Cooperation (PPS) tender for a refurbishment/reconstruction of a large government building located right next to The Hague’s Central Station. For KAAN Architecten. 2014.

  • B30 Tender Branding

    B30 Tender Branding

    Public Private Cooperation (PPS) tender for the renovation of Bezuidenhoutseweg 30. For KAAN Architecten (former of Claus en Kaan Architecten). 14 Months tender project with 5 ‘dialogue’ presentations. Winner. 2013.

  • Rechtbank Amsterdam Tender Branding

    Rechtbank Amsterdam Tender Branding

    Rechtbank Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Courthouse tender. For Rob Hootsmans Architectuurbureau and consortium. Project branding, book design. 2016.

  • VR8 Tender Products

    VR8 Tender Products

    Additional products for VR8 PPS TENDER BRANDING. Folder for Financial bid. 2014.

  • Central Fine Collection Agency

    Central Fine Collection Agency

    After completion of Claus en Kaan’s CENTRAL FINE COLLECTION AGENCY building in Leeuwarden in 2013. A small edition book was printed for press and clients.  

  • OMA’s ROTTERDAM building BOOK

    OMA’s ROTTERDAM building BOOK

    OMA’s first ROTTERDAM proposal document. 1999. A facsimile reproducttion of this book was made in an edition of 50 copies to hand out to the press for the opening ceremony of the building in 2012.

  • Engagement + Stedenbouw

    Engagement + Stedenbouw

    Book cover for Pi de Bruijn ENGAGEMENT + STEDENBOUW. 2006.